A Cheating Husband–The Truth Is On Your Side: Where to Begin

First, a little hope about how your marriage can be turned around . . .

I know, I know, cheating husbands can just about put an end to a marriage–it is the ultimate betrayal. However, sometimes a really big failure is what is takes to wake some men up to what they have and what they are about to lose. In my own experience in my marriage and in the marriages of many of my friends, I’ve learned something important . . .

It’s the husbands who have failed the biggest who end up being the most loving, grateful, and faithful spouses for the rest of their lives! No lie.

I once heard a wise man say, “I never trust someone who hasn’t failed.” I think that is important. Someone who has failed big time–like a cheating husband–can turn around and become someone who has become bullet proof to the temptation of an extramarital affair from here on out.

But someone who has never failed may be an accident–or affair–just waiting to happen. Who would you trust the most to operate on you–a doctor who has NEVER made a mistake? Or one who made a bad mistake as was so devastated about it that they determined to never repeat that mistake. I’d take the latter if I could be SURE they had learned their lesson.

Well, good news. After counseling with many wives of cheating husbands, and after talking with good marriage counselors, I found the perfect STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM for how to survive an affair and KNOW your husband has learned his lesson.

As you and your husband work through the steps of this system, you will grow in confidence that the two of you will get past this affair and all of the hurt and end up with a better, more bullet proof marriage than you had before.

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Praying for your success-


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